Monday, September 19, 2016

I took a day off

I took a day off from basically everything. Everyone is entitled to a break once in a while. Saturday we went to the beach for a few hours and out for clams. Yesterday I was lazy and did not accomplish much.

I actually pretended I was healthy but wasn't dumb enough to try to do anything I shouldn't. Yes I took it easy. I played with my loom - I have been weaving more. I got some awesome yarn last week that I had to try weaving.

Actually I needed a break from the 'sick' me. Friday night I remembered to check my cell phone for voice mails. Unfortunately I didn't get them to call back two doctor office's before the weekend. I wasn't going to worry about it all weekend so I took a few days off. I will call this morning and work it out and find out what's going on.

Back to reality on a rainy Monday morning. Maybe the drought will finally be over.

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