Friday, September 30, 2016

The Snoring Controversy

Do you snore? No of course not. You have never heard yourself snore. So of course you don't. Sometimes its possible your spouse/partner/significant other will infer that you might snore a tiny bit. But that doesn't mean its really true. Does it?

Last night I had the oh-so enjoyable sleep lab test. I had a sleep test about two years ago so it wasn't all that unfamiliar but I don't remember squat these days.... But because of my blood oxygen levels and my feelings of fatigue it was time for another one.

I got there at 830 last night and was escorted to my 'comfy', 'little' (hospital) bed. They gave me time to change into my PJs and hit the bathroom before they put about 800 leads on my head and face. No not 800, maybe 22 or something. But it took about 40 minutes to get me all connected and then of course I had to pee again so I took the whole concoction with me to the bathroom and then got back in bed.

Then I took my sleeping pill so I could pretend I would actually get some sleep. Then she said 'don't stay up late on your phone and she closed the door and shut off the light. Like I was 8 years old. I should have brought a flashlight so I could read under the blankets in bed.

I finally fell asleep and I must have slept for five hours or so. When I woke up I lay there sort of awake but not really for a couple of hours. Half in and half out of it.

At 530 in the morning, the technician was all perky and said it was time to wake up. That was way too early to be perky. I asked her if I snored. She said she COULDN'T TELL ME! What? She said I could ask my doctor after the report was ready. Which is in two or three weeks. She said the sleep lab generates about 900 pages of crap to be read and then it was summarized in a report for my doctor.

After another 20 minutes of her taking off my million little cables, I was allowed to get out of bed finally and got changed back into my clothes. Unfortunately the cafeteria wasn't open yet so I struggled to the gym without coffee.

And I still don't know if I snore or not. I will definitely need a nap later today.

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