Tuesday, September 27, 2016

When To Get a Flu Shot?

This is part of the big conspiracy to confuse patients. When am I supposed to get a flu shot? In previous years I would go to my primary care physician and get a flu shot. I saw her a couple of weeks ago and was told it was too early. I should wait until the hospital has its clinic in October or go to an other flu shot clinic I find. Hmmmm...

So I did some research. The latest wisdom is to get a flu shot between Halloween and Thanksgiving. But there is other evidence that it may be different for over 65 or the medically frail. Am I medically frail?

I don't know. I do know I am confused.

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Unknown said...

I know some people don't go for them, but hey! If it'll help keep you and your family from the miserable flu, then it's worth a shot as far as I'm concerned, especially if you're an older person. I'm a guy, and I recommend them to every gal in my life: my mom, my girl and my grandma as well.

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