Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Stress is Bad for My Waistline

This isn't a good week. (I swear I do have good weeks, just not right now.) The reasons why it isn't a good week is that I had an MRI Monday night so I was up way too late - meaning after midnight. Today I have a deep cleaning at the periodontist. This means they will inject Novocaine and then scrape way under my gums. I expect I will have soup or scrambled eggs for dinner. Then tomorrow night I have the sleep lab so I don't expect to get a good night's sleep again. I know I whined blogged about this earlier this week but I want to whine some more.

Yesterday I needed a two hour nap to recover from Monday night. I also needed too many snacks. Today I think I will probably be grumpy. I plan on eating lunch before my appointment which probably means some kind of fast food which is bad. But I think if I have some food in my stomach I will probably handle the teeth scraping better. (My dentist has told me this several times - eat a good meal before dental work. Having food in your system makes a big difference.) Also I probably won't be able to eat for a few hours after between sore gums and numbness.

When I am stressed I find myself stress eating. I know I am doing it and have tried to turn myself towards fruit instead of fattening food. But its just too many categories. When I am extremely stressed (think cancer diagnosis level of stress) I stop eating and actually lose weight. I need to lose weight but I am happy I am not that stressed and am at the whining stage.

I just need to watch what I eat and get through this week. Then I'll stop whining.


Unknown said...

Oh Caroline, what ashitty week! Mine was like that last week. Chest CT (at least the modules haven't grown!) primary car & pulmonologist....ugh! Plus it's been over 100 everyday....I think the only thing that saved me were the products I told you about. Since I talked to you I've talked to a bunch of women taking levothyroxine & they were ok'd by Drs to take the plexus Slim. It helps maintain your blood sugar so it's easier to resist things you know you shouldn't be eating, make better choices, because you stop cravings. I hope you'll think about it again!
Wish you luck on MR! Hugs, C

Anonymous said...

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