Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

So in recent months I have developed the ability to take two hour naps and then get a full night's sleep. I just thought it was just because I need more sleep because some nights I get lots of quality insomnia. But no. My doctor doesn't agree.

No, no, no, no.She is concerned that I get so tired that there might be something going on when I sleep (like snoring) and that my blood oxygen (not blood alcohol - which I often say instead of oxygen for some reason) level has been running lower and lower over the years. So I get to have a sleep test again.

I just had one two years ago. I don't sleep well during a sleep test. I hate the idea of being watched and monitored while I sleep. I sleep best when in a bed with my husband and my two cats. (Maybe I can bring them with me?)

Anyway, grr, grr, grr. But if it makes me end up healthier (but not with a CPAP machine) I will be happy. The idea of a CPAP machine drives me crazy. I am not sure I could sleep with one.


Anonymous said...

IF you need a cpap machine,yield to it.It will make you feel perkier and more energetic.

Heather said...

They have a new small machine that is implanted just under the skin so you do not have to wear the CPAP. I have only heard about it; nobody I know has it. But my husband would LOVE too. He hates his CPAP. It is called Inspire.
Good luck!!! Hope you don't need a CPAP!

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