Monday, November 21, 2016

Coping and not coping

Finally this morning I have an appointment with my meds therapist. The week I fell and was home with my 'concussion' I was emotionally a mess. I have found I do not do well with staying home for day after day.

My husband works full time and if I don't leave the house, he is the only one I see for a few hours each evening, I feel very isolated. I need to see other people at least every other day.

My socialization is planned. People need people. I think I especially need to see people and socialize. I was concerned about this when we moved out here and I stopped working.

I planned my schedule to go to the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so I could go out and see people. When I go to the gym, I end up chatting with many people. I think most of there go to socialize as well as work out. Tuesdays I am home and often have lunch or socialize with friends. Thursdays I go to my knitting group.

This isn't the first time I have felt all alone and gotten depressed. But it was the worst. I think because I was home for basically a week by myself. I felt awful, was tired and had to sleep. I was not able to go places and get out of the house with out total exhaustion creeping in.

I was upset and I tried to see if I could get into see my meds therapist sooner than February. But no. Her next appointment was April. I tried to send her a message directly but didn't hear back. So I decided to call her secretary to ask for a prescription or something. It turns out she had a few cancellations and she could fit me in today.

I want to talk to her about how to avoid depression and isolation when I can't get out of the house.  I am sure with my house this is not an infrequent event. I need plans to avoid the stress and depression.

To clarify I am not a massively depressed person. But with every medical set back I seem to lose my ability to cope more and more. If I was a healthy person and able to do everything I enjoy, like hiking into the woods or skiing or..., I might be less depressed.

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