Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Health Care Crap

So we have a new president elect (who shall remain nameless). My biggest problem with him is that he claims he will dismantle the Affordable Care Act. This is a serious issue. I do not give a rat's a$$ about political partisanship or how Hillary is a liar or whatever label you want to put on anyone. I only care about health care for those of us sick people.

What if health insurance was taken away from all of us chronically sick people? That would be murder essentially for many people who can't afford their health insurance and are seriously ill. And if they don't die, they would be bankrupt.

This is a serious problem. I am not sure how health insurance could be taken away from someone once they get it. But if the insurance was cut back so it wasn't really providing the needed coverage, that is different.

I see this as a fine line that needs to be watched carefully. I can understand if he wants to reorganize it and change how it is funded, but not how he could change the actual coverage and financial benefits it provides.

Hmmmm.... I will be watching.

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Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading this blog because it made me sit back and think about how things could be changing and I want to prepare myself especially because of wanting to work in the healthcare system once I graduate. I also asked myself the questions, “Can insurance be taken away?” or “Can there be cutbacks”? I am interested in learning what is going to happen with our new President.

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