Wednesday, November 2, 2016

I'm Losing My Friends

Right now I have two friends in hospice care. One I have known for only about six months but we have gotten pretty close. She was in my knitting group and when I met her she was on palliative care only for pancreatic and other cancers that she has been treated for over 20 years. She is on hospice care at home and no longer goes to knitting. We have talked on the phone and skyped regularly over the past four weeks but it is unclear how much longer this will go on.

The other friend is the husband of a very old friend (friends for more than 40 years) and has been treated for stage IV colon cancer for nearly seven years. His disease has now progressed so that he is fairly 'out of it' and is in hospice care. I hope to get to see them both this weekend but am not sure due to my health. If you are incoherent and in hospice care, how long can you last?

It is hard enough to deal with one friend in hospice without having a second one to cope with as well. I am close to them both and will go to both their funerals.

Cancer sucks.

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