Friday, November 11, 2016

My Body Needs A Pep Talk

I saw my rheumatologist yesterday and she was impressed with how much is going on with me medically these days and none of it was related to rheumatoid. LOL.

Actually, its not very funny. She looked at my x-rays and explained a bunch of stuff to me. Basically each vertebrae in my back has issues around its edges and the bone spur in my neck is pressing on the nerves which cause problems in my neck and shoulder, exactly as I am feeling. She was also concerned with the osteoporosis in my spine.

However, this all sucks.

My body is not doing its share. It needs a pep talk to regroup. No more ailments. Especially ailments that usually occur in the over 80 crowd. (Personally I am sick of the phrase 'you are so young to have this'.) It needs to stop developing new ailments. It also needs to heal from my damn 'fall' last week. I still don't feel right.

I am skipping the gym again today. I was exhausted yesterday and all I did was go to my doctor, visit my mother, and go to my knitting group. I even left early and went home to rest. I have another craft show tomorrow and am running out of oomph.

So body, listen up: No more ailments. No more long healing times. No more injuries. Start getting your act together and no more whining. Thank you. The management.

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