Thursday, November 10, 2016

Pain and Suffering

Yesterday was not a good day. Some how I did too much (who me) and ran out of steam by the end of the day. And I got some bad news.

First off, even though its been over a week since I fell, I am still not right. I run out of steam too soon and end up feeling a bit 'off' each day. I did ask Dr Google about concussion recovery and found out it usually takes a week or more to fully recover and if you are older or have health issues, it can take longer. Drat.

I want that magic wand to make me better as always.

Second, I called a friend yesterday to see how she was doing. Her husband was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer nearly seven years ago. He went into hospice just over a week ago. I have such poor timing. I called to see how she was doing and her daughter and step daughters. Then I found out he had died the night before. I felt like a heel. I had no idea.

I will send a card and go to the  wake and funeral. I feel awful I called and didn't know.

I am also sad. They were together a long time and married for ten years. Now my friend is a widow. She had retired early this year so they could spend time together.

Cancer sucks.


Melanie Hamblen said...

I don't think you should feel bad about calling. You thought of her and called. That's what friends do.

Skye said...

I'm so sorry that your friend lost her husband, but I hope you don't still feel badly. It may have helped her to hear your voice at that moment.

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