Thursday, November 3, 2016

Today is Better Than Yesterday

By the end of yesterday, I was beyond stressed. Let's see why was I stressed: I have been feeling like crap because of the bump on my head. I have two friends in hospice care (see yesterday's blog). I have several other medical issues to deal with - my PCP keeps sending me with more blood tests to figure out why I have been so anemic (problem since chemo). My neck hurts from the (stupid) bone spur. My mother ended up in the emergency room yesterday (but she's going home today). I have my first craft show this weekend and need to get ready. I can't remember the rest.

I was so stressed I was ready to call for an prescription of ativan (a/k/a lorazepam). But I survived.

This morning I have taken my time to get ready for my upcoming craft fair. I have also talked to a friend and my mother.  I feel slightly less stressed and am relaxing enough to get things done.

I hate stress. I don't need any more medical issues. My mother needs to get healthier.

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