Monday, November 13, 2017

Being Busy

I have not blogged for a couple of days because I have been busy. It was wonderful to be busy.

I have spent so much time by myself over the last six weeks. I have kept myself busy and on some levels, very productive. The only people I have seen with any frequency, other than my husband, are the physical therapists when I go to PT twice a week. I have been starved for the sight of other people. I needed face to face interactions.

Normally I spend a lot of time on my own which I don't mind. But over the course of a week, I would go to the gym three times, go to the grocery store, the library, my parents house, and see a friend or two. But I had six weeks of nothing. A friend drove me to the doctor, my sister and my cousin took me to PT once. I took a cab to PT. I could only go to the grocery or library when my husband was off work.

But this past weekend I had two craft shows. They were really busy. I probably did too much walking and standing on my knee (never mind my back and all the rest of my body which hates me today). But I talked to dozens of people each day. I interacted with the public. And it was wonderful.

I know I will be paying the price for the rest of the week and need lots of rest (and ice packs and heating pads). However my mood is greatly improved. I needed interactions with the outside

Living the life of an isolated unhealthy person, if it is compounded by a period of enforced isolation, can be very stressful. All of a sudden you are encircled by a wall of limitations and restrictions.

So this week I will spend a fair amount of time recovering from two days in the outside world. But I will take myself places - PT, lunch with a friend, the grocery store, library - all on my schedule. I am back into my world where I can pace myself as I want.

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