Friday, November 3, 2017

Breast Cancer Changed Me Too

I like Joan Lunden. I mean I like what I saw of her on TV. She was very professional and did a good job on the air. I am not sure I would have 'volunteered' to have a mammogram on television, even if it was to raise awareness of breast cancer screening.

Now, three years after her diagnosis, she is through with treatment and says that having breast cancer changed her. She has started a website to educate women about the benefits of early detection.

Then another woman, much younger, Yolanda Jenkins, has also been diagnosed with breast cancer. She has created a platform to encourage young women to get checked and wants to get the age for mammograms lowered so younger women have access to this critical tool.

These two women make me think should I be doing something different? I mean I have a blog that's about me. I don't run around educating people about cancer. I know I talk about breast cancer and other cancers but I don't educate or advocate or anything... Should I be doing something different? I am not sure I could.

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