Sunday, November 26, 2017

More Not Blogging

I have been very busy the last few day weeks. Now that I can drive, I have been driving and going places and thus wearing myself out and making my knee hurt. I had Thanksgiving prep for food and house guests and dinner for 14. I also have had some doctor appointments that were postponed from when I couldn't drive. I still have lots more appointments for the same reason as well as PT for my knee.

So now that I am getting back to normal I have things on my mind for blogging topics. They will not get all the coverage due  because I have been a slacker for my reasons above.
  • I have pondered the issue of losing friends and making new friends. In the past year, I have lost two friends. Mostly because of my actions because I could no longer with their actions at attitudes. When you part ways with long time friends I think the holidays make you notice their absence more. I think I am still comfortable with their absence in my life. The stress they caused me no longer bothers me. I can't miss friends when I would get so aggravated in trying to get together and getting together. I'm glad I'm done but I still feel some regrets - some because I waited so long to take actions.
  • This 'gentleman', and I use the term loosely, really pissed me off.

    If you have MS, or PTSD after serving in the military, or even breast cancer, this a$$hole thinks we are 'undesirable'. Why? Because he is against having a marijuana dispensary in his neighborhood, which is one of the nicest in Boston.
  • My health is may be telling me new things that I am not ready to discuss. Which aggravates me more. Only four appointments this week, plus two PT trips. I'll discuss later, maybe. But I am really aggravated. I am not allowed to have more ailments than I already do.
That's all for now. But you get the idea. I survived Thanksgiving and it actually went very well. Iam now looking at Christmas and hope it doesn't stress me as much again.

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