Tuesday, November 21, 2017

What A Concept!

I met with a pharmacist yesterday or a pharmacologist. It was great. When I had my annual physical with my primary care doctor in September, she was concerned about my medications and interactions.

The pharmacologist went through my entire list of medications - prescription and OTC - and asked why I was taking each one. Then she went through and looked up possible interactions with them. She gave me some advice which I found very helpful.
  • Because I am on Prilosec for GERD from a sliding hiatal hernia, I need to take it in the morning, 30 minutes after my thyroid medication and then wait another 30 minutes before eating. I was taking it in the evening.
  • I also need to get off prednisone for my RA.I am on a low dose but its not a good idea to stay on it long.  I will stay on it until January when my hopeful new RA medication will kick in and then I can ditch it.
  • As my pain management doctor has already suggested, and I really want to do, is to reduce my Lyrica dosage or even get off it. My previous pain management doctor, if I said I had pain, he would say, 'let's increase your dose'. But he never gave me any information why or requested any scans or testing. This is why he is no longer my doctor. I meet with my pain management doctor next week. 
  • I also need to change my Calcium with D to calcium citrate not calcium carbonate - something I completely blank out on when in the store.
Also, I am only on about four medications for the side effects of other medications. We had to laugh at that. 

At the end of the appointment I felt very good. A knowledgeable neutral party had looked at my meds and found that I need to be on the meds I take. I need to be careful about some interactions and see if I develop any symptoms and cut down if needed. 

I feel like I should do this every five years or so. I feel that not all doctors look at what other medications I might be on before prescribing something new.  A good experience, for once.

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