Thursday, November 2, 2017

Life After Breast Cancer Does Suck

Here's the truth. "The Secret Suckiness to Life After Breast Cancer". Go read it. Judith Basya writes the truth. There is no new normal. Cancer lurks for ever. And life on some levels, really does suck after breast cancer. And they never told us about it and we don't get to talk about it.

Judith raises some good points including this one which resonates with me most:

"And why is my situation only to be discussed in therapy, while other people’s job woes are acceptable dinner-table fodder?"

Yes, really? Why don't we talk about post breast cancer suckiness in therapy and not at the dinner table? Our family members are dealing with it all the time so why isn't it acceptable to discuss the latest brain lapse or hormonal therapy induced crabbiness between chicken and broccoli? 

In addition, remember when we were first diagnosed we would get these questions from our friends with that 'look', how are you doing? Now they ask in a lower voice 'how are you doing?' as if it better not be back, is it? 

Seriously? I'm done with that. If you ask me 'how are you doing?' in that coy little lower voice, I'm going to say things like well my knee surgery has complicated things and my back pain is better. I am not going to say the c-word because I am so sick of being asked about it. Believe me if I can get cancer again, you will hear about it. And I won't whisper. Because it should not be a secret.

I thought we got rid of all that cancer secretiveness in the 1990s when those pink people stuck a ribbon on everything. 

But I digress, go read Judith's article and you will begin to understand what life is really like after breast cancer.

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