Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Today Is The Big Day

I have been waiting for this day for nearly five weeks. This is the day I go see my surgeon for a follow up. I have my fingers crossed that all is well and I am given the green light.... to drive that is.

I have not been able to drive since October 5, the date of my surgery. Originally I expected that my surgery would be a minor arthroscopic clean up of my knee and I would be all healed by now. But now, during surgery they found what they really needed to do was to repair my meniscus so I don't lose any more stability in my right knee (I need all the stability I can get as my left knee has a torn ACL and likes to give way sometimes).

So they did the right thing (and I don't regret this at all) and repaired my knee. When I woke up they told me its four to five months until I am healed. At my first follow up, ten days after surgery, I asked if I could drive and was told not yet.

Today is my five week (minus one day) follow up and I have had three weeks of PT so far, so I hope this is the big day and I am allowed to drive.

If I am not given the green light to drive, I will probably cry. If not in the doctor's office but later on. Its so restrictive and depressing to be stuck at home. Walter, my husband, works all day. I have been begging drives off people, taking cabs, etc.

But I have over due library books, I can't go to the grocery store, I can't get together with friends. I am at home all day from 7am to 5pm, five days a week. To top it off, I have had a cold since last Thursday. Today I am finally feeling normal, after 14 hours of sleep. And I have been eating too much left over Halloween candy.

Its not that I want to go out all day, every day. I just want to get out of the house and see other people. Its I just want my life back. I wouldn't mind going to the gym but I am sure that's another few weeks.

So cross your fingers for me. Or send me kleenex.

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