Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The anti-stress blog

I am taking the most mature attitude I can when it comes to stress these days. I am ignoring it. The biggest thing I am ignoring is the fact that my husband, who has never had surgery, is having part of his colon removed next Friday so we can find out where he is in the Stage I to IV thing... Hoping for stage I but we'll know after that. There is nothing I can do in the meantime, so I am ignoring this, some of the time.

While he is hospitalized, I will get another fun back injection, which should help relieve some of my pain, but may not, but then again it might - insert tiny optimism here. But the last one was awful and did absolutely no good at all.

My ankle is not getting high marks for healing. It has actually been giving me all kinds of aches and pains so I think that means back to the doctor again after an MRI.

I am ignoring the evil co-worker stress - no I am not trying to steal your job, we have realigned some things so its now part of my job, get over it and if you say we can't use the microwave since your department got a new one, we'll be happy to say you can't use our office refrigerator. Shut up and play nice!

In the meantime, my brother is coming to visit with two of his children (they will ignore all dust bunnies) which will be a big fun distraction. How to stay stressed while making brownies with a 7 year old or building blocks with a 5 year old?


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Debby said...

Caroline, I'd be so stressed. Make those brownies- and then sit down and eat them. I am not sure that this will actually reduce your stress level, but, by gosh, if you've got to deal with hard times, you oughta be able to eat chocolate, and lots of it.

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