Friday, December 25, 2009

Excuse me but it is still Christmas

Not that I am religious or anything but wouldn't it be nice to extend the holiday spirit into the holiday? The newspaper arrived fat with sale fliers for the post holiday clearance beginning tomorrow. My email was littered with clearance offers from various retailers. And I haven't even had breakfast and I feel like its over.

Well, we did have a nice evening of Chinese food and broke down and opened one gift each - actually I nagged until he agreed to one gift each. Then this morning we had stockings and gifts between us and what out of town relatives had sent. Now he is riding his bike and I am going for a walk and we will have more Christmas with my parents a little later and the more Christmas with my brother and his kids and my sister and her husband next week, which admittedly will expand into New Years. Its too early to end the holiday.

Now I did get some good gifts - like a new sports watch I really wanted to replace the one I had which no longer works. I didn't get the gift of a pain free back or a cancer free body but I'm working on those two. In the meantime, I am off for a walk so I can eat some healthy food later on. Merry Christmas everyone.

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