Saturday, December 12, 2009

More cancer

Its not my cancer this time, its my husband's. He had a cancerous polyp at his colonoscopy and now will have surgery in January. In technical terms, they didn't get clean margins when they removed the polyp so they don't know if they got it all. They could have but it was mangled when they took it out so they can't tell. They do know he had a 3 cm polyp with cancer in it and the cancer was going down the stem of the polyp and we don't know if it got to the colon wall and potentially anywhere else.

This means the following:

- The cancer roller coaster is back. I am not sure its any easier from the caregiver side as opposed to the patient side.

- All we both want for Christmas is a clean pathology report.

- Stress sucks.


Ann aka ButDoctorIHatePink said...

Oh wow, that's awful. Here's hoping everything comes back okay!

Sagar said...

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