Saturday, December 5, 2009

Guess what?

My back hurts. How's that for news for the day? Okay. Its not my back that hurts. Its my back, neck, both hips, and SI joints. Can I whine about this again? For a change? I feel the need to these days. I go back on Tuesday to see the back pain doctor so I can whine between now and then. Now there are side benefits to back pain. I can't lift anything over 20 lbs. That means I can't shovel snow and its supposed to snow tonight. So, while my husband is out shoveling should I? a) make him a cup of herbal tea to warm up when he comes in, b) lie on the couch and watch cooking shows and ask him to bring me tea when he comes back in, or c) go clean off the cars to be helpful? Hmmm... I'm thinking.

Isn't this supposed to be a blog about breast cancer and dealing with it? I haven't decided if back pain issues are compounded by cancer treatment or if this would have happened anyway. Doctors don't know this stuff. They tell you concrete things like 'there have been no tests to prove this'. So maybe I am just a lucky one again.

Not to change the subject but perhaps I am overscheduled again today or actually this whole weekend. Here is my weekend: walk this morning, pick up farm share and other errands this morning, leave here at 12 to meet friends for lunch, return home by 3 to change and get ready to go to ceremony for some award Walter is getting this afternoon, return home around 6. Tomorrow walk in morning, lunch with friend's, clean house, parents over for dinner. Also, do laundry, clean litterbox (Walter's job), and relax. Aren't weekends for relaxing? Let's see if my back holds up.

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