Sunday, December 20, 2009

Three articles that tick me off

Let's start with preying on the emotions of cancer patients to make them think they are getting better care or potential for a longer life. This is called bias, and skewing, and just wrong. There is nothing wrong in the advertising world with saying things like this new car goes zero to sixty in less time than another which can be proved by fact. But its another to allow an by one organization to be wrong because it would be misleading but if by another organization its not misleading, but considered acceptable. Gee, take people with a bad health diagnosis and mislead them so they spend the last of their money on cures that are nothing better than snake oil.

This one shouldn't be an eyeopening read. It should make sense. Generic drugs are very similar but not the same as non-generics. Generic drugs are great. They prevent monopolies by drug companies and create competition. But they are not the same. For example, tell ten bakers to bake a loaf of bread using the same ingredients and same recipe. Will they come out exactly the same? No. The same thing applies with drug manufacturing. This is all well and good but if a patient doesn't react the same way to a generic the name brand one should be allowed or they should be able to switch to a different generic. I have been on synthetic thyroid meds for 28+ years and have been told that the generic is fine but not to switch around alot from one manufacturer to another.

Finally I read this article on working at Walmart and all I could think of was Jim Jones and Kool-Aid. Or those pictures from 1970's Japan of companies doing group calisthenics while dressed the same.... Or communist era armies marching in synch.


Best thyroid doctors in los angeles said...

I completely agree with you caroline. Even I too read this article published in NY times and gained much more information about the illness.

OMDS said...

My uncle was a cancer patient. He was on chemo and radiation for a while. This info was highly useful resource.

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