Thursday, December 10, 2009

Back doctor update

Yes I did go to the back doctor on Tuesday. Of course, my back which was horribly painful for days last week to the point that I was walking crookedly and everything decided not to be painful the day I show up at the doctor. Actually its been pretty cooperative the past two days even though I have done my best to over exert it.

The doctor did his usual 'Does this hurt? Does this hurt? Does this hurt?' exam followed by my responses of ow, ow!, OW! I said I didn't like being on Lyrica because it made me fat, it seems to have stopped working twice, and I haven't been sleeping at night. That surprised him. Apparently everyone (but me) who takes lyrica, sleeps like a log at night. I was sleeping every night until they doubled my dose and then I stopped. He then suggested going back down to the lower dose to see if I could sleep at night again and to see how pain levels were. He wasn't concerned about the getting fat side effect as he said that should go away. Can you please define that statement for me? Will my flab just evaporate or will the increasing trend on my waist line just stabilize at a certain level? He also said that I need to be doing my share and get some exercise where I told him I do get some exercise 5 days/week and I do my back exercises from PT.

Now he also feels that the right sacroiliac joint is inflamed - hmmm I could have said that a year ago but I didn't know what an SI joint was or inflammation felt like. He is going to stick a big fat needle into it and inject a steroid and some lubricant. However that can't be until January because of the holidays. But what's one more month of pain?

So, I get a big needle and then what? The answer is we aren't sure. Let's see what happens. Do doctors give definitive answers any more? I don't think so. I also did get the results of all my blood work yesterday from my oncologist and everything looks fine. More positive news but then why do I feel like absolute crap sometimes? Let's just put it down to old age and go on from there.

Now some how this morning my husband has the idea that I am cooking breakfast for him. I am not sure how this happened but since I have to cook breakfast for me too, its not that big a deal but what is a big deal is that I need to get my butt in gear to get out the door at a reasonable time.

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