Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The other patient in our house

Yes, there is a third patient in our house. The cat has diabetes. Today he is going to the vet for blood checks and a full physical (including shots). He hates the car. No, he doesn't hate the car, he is terrified of the car when it is moving. He is petrified. He turns into a shaking giant ball of fur. And he will be riding on my lap. Which means I will arrive covered in fur. This will be a very 'calm' event. but once that is behind us we can go about our day and retrieve him this afternoon for a repeat ride but slightly less fur covered because he always seems to know when he is going home. I have a list of doctor questions, a soft blanket to bring with us, and his lunch. (I am not kidding. He is probably the only cat who arrives at the vet with lunch. They look at me weird but feed him and report that he was starving for it. No he is not obese - he isn't even considered overweight any more.)

To recover from this ordeal, my husband and I are going out for breakfast at our favorite diner. Then I will do some work from home and meet a friend for a walk. A nice relaxing winter day.

I have made the executive decision that I am avoiding all thing stressful as much as possible in the next few weeks. I mean I live with back pain and seldom get a whole night's sleep (and was awake from 230am - 6am). Walter's surgery is next week which is providing enough stress for the two of us. The cat's vet visit is due to his lethargy recently where he slept through meals - and he is the feline garbage can who must be fed on time or early at all times. My ankle has been bothering me again. And then there are the evil co-workers who I am avoiding this week. I don't need any more stress thank you. I am doing just fine with what I have so far.

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