Saturday, January 9, 2010

My day

Here is a summary of my day yesterday which was a tiny bit stressful:

6 am - up awake
630 am - leave for hospital
650 am - arrive hospital
650-700am - wait for Walter to check in and get sent down to surgery center
705-730am - wait for the nurses to get Walter ready for surgery
730am - Walter goes in and I freak out a tiny bit
800am - nurse returns with his belongings, tells me surgery is scheduled for 850-1150am and the doctor will call my cell when done.
830-930am - go to gym
930-1030am - play on computer, finally shower, and dress
1030am-1230pm - attempt to watch tv and read in order to waste time
1230pm wonder where phone call is
130pm wonder where phone call is
145pm call surgeon's office asking what is going on. Nurse knows nothing, doesn't understand why the doctor would call me because he has back to back surgeries scheduled. Promises to transfer me but sticks me on hold forever. I am starting to panic. Why didn't they call? Did something bad happen? What's going on?
155pm call hospital main number back and get transferred to the family waiting room where the nurse tells me that he is still in surgery (!) but she said she or the surgeon would call me in an hour or I should call her back.
242pm the phone finally rings. It is the surgeon. Everything went fine. The polyp was lower than expected so it just took longer. (5 hours of surgery, not 3). I can go visit him in an hour or so. My stress level starts to subside.
345pm I head over to see him.
4pm - am told to wait and they will see if I can see him
430 pm - I finally get to see him. He's very pale but awake and talking. I can only stay for a minute. But my stress level is much lower.
700 pm - I go back to see him and get to see him for about 2 more minutes. His color is better, he is more responsive and slowly waking up. They tell me he will be moved to a room at some point. I can call back in a couple hours to find out where.
900pm - I call back and they tell me he is spending the night in post operative care and will go to a room in the morning.

I was moderately to severely stressed yesterday. Today I am going to the gym in an effort to deflab and destress and then to see Walter and spend a few hours with him this morning I hope. I am off to a party this afternoon and then will go back and see him. I assume he will sleep much of today but I would like to bring him the flowers I got and the suitcase I keep lugging back and forth.

Overall, it looks good but we have to wait for the pathology report next week sometime.

It is weird to be on the other side of the patient/caregiver thing. I feel less in control in some ways. Its weird.

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