Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eat better foods

So there are all kinds of recommendations on how to get healthier at this time of year. Vitamins, veggies, etc. Here's a list of five eat better foods for 2010 - the premise being you eat these and you will be healthier. But I am not sure I agree:

Grains - okay, I agree on this one. Oat, barley and rye are good. But what about quinoa? Its got protein too... I think this is an oversight.
Soy - um, no. The jury is still out on soy for women with estrogen positive breast cancer. I'll skip it. Besides, I hate tofu.
Red Wine - What? But isn't it better just to skip alcohol? They haven't decided on this one.
Salmon and other oily fish - Fish instead of red meat is good. But oily fish only? what about over fishing and farmed vs wild fish? Don't tell me salmon and other oily fish without telling me which kinds I can eat. Or should I just build a fish pond in the back yard and grow my own organic fish?
Green tea - The jury is still out on this one too. I prefer caffeine free myself but if the antioxidants in green tea are supposed to be good for you do they over come the negativity of caffeine.

Now I'm confused so here's more research. I like this article much better: Quit worrying about your health. Its more about the everything in moderation rule. But what about the cancer cooties? Can I skip worrying about them?

So enough research for the day. Yesterday I decided it was time to call the doctor on my sore throat. This is in clear violation of my personal two week rule of health maladies but I was concerned about strep and sharing germs with Walter just before his surgery. So I called my doctor's office at 830 am (when I thought they opened). They said a nurse would call me back in the next few hours so I said I am going to the gym to get some exercise. Of course, 8:46 minutes into my treadmill time they called back and said can you be here in 45 minutes? So I hopped off the treadmill and ran home, changed and got to the hospital on time. I saw a different doctor, actually someone who is married to a friend's older brother and have met a various parties. But you have had breast cancer? Any recurrence? No, then just a sore throat. She said I just have a basic viral sore throat and nothing can be done but to let it run its course. Blah, blah, blah. Nice to see you again.

While I was there I found out my doctors office now opens at 8 am... A very useful piece of information to know.

Today I actually feel a little better and am keeping my regular schedule. Work, gym, sushi for dinner. My sore throat makes me sound raspy but I don't feel that bad.

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