Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pretending life is just ducky

Today I will pretend life is just ducky. My ankle is not better so I will call the doctor and ask about that MRI. I don't know what they can do but surgery will not be part of that discussion. My cold is getting better. My back is stabilized to something I can live with provided I don't try to stand for extended periods of time, or walk, bend, stretch, or hold a position. If I avoid all that its just fine.

Today Walter is home because tomorrow is his surgery. We are optimistic that they will go in and cut out a big section of his colon and say 'well, we didn't really need to do this because we got it all in the colonoscopy' but since they have no other way other than surgery to do this, we have to go through it. We are also hopeful that they will not change his currently scheduled time for surgery of 730 am (arrival at the hospital at 6am). The only thing worse than surgery is sitting around all day unable to eat or drink anything and only able to stress about it all day long.

The cat is amazingly better. At least we have some positive news here - he has returned to his kittenish self and becomes psycho kitty and runs around the house. So one positive.

That's it. I'm not feeling very inspired today.

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