Friday, January 29, 2010

Prescription madness

A day of prescription madness. First stop at the meds therapist for a check on my sanity level and prescription analysis. She put directly into the computer two prescriptions for me. I did explain to her the last time I saw her the prescription wasn't there when I went to pick it up - but it was New Year's Eve, my husband and brother were waiting for me, there was a huge line at the pharmacy (and I had just fallen in the parking lot but I didn't tell her that). I figured it was a computer glitch or insurance being cranky or something and figured I would call her if I ran out before I saw her again. Well last night I went to pick up my new prescriptions, and only one was there. I explained my story to the pharmacy, they said the other prescription was actually in there but the second prescription from yesterday was not.

Then my back pain doctor called in a new prescription for me. I was all excited thinking I am getting off Lyrica - which I don't really like. But apparently when I picked it up, it was another anti-inflammatory. I need to call and find out if this is in addition to or instead of my other anti-inflammatory and refill my Lyrica prescription. I am so confused.

But I have had three doctors follow their scripts recently: my radiation oncologist says she doesn't want to seem me for six months and I look like I am doing well; my meds therapist thinks I am doing okay and I don't have to see her for two months; and my endocrinologist sent me a letter saying all my blood work came back fine. I still have an ultrasound coming up and I think I go back in six months.

Today I will call the pharmacy and two doctors to see if I can straighten out my prescriptions. But first, we need to take the fasting cat to the vet. I can't wait. He is soooo annoying and wants food. And he's begging. And he's pleading. And he's generally annoying. He hasn't had food since 7pm last night when we took it all away. I am sure I will be good and aggravated after dealing with the cat in the car before I get to spend time on the phone.

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