Friday, January 15, 2010

This is my secret goal

Go read Dana Jennings latest blog here. This my secret goal of what I want - I guess it not such a secret any more. Well in addition to a cancer free, pain free body, that's it. At this point I am gratified to learn that one of us cancer people is getting there.

A quick update on today because I am late for work. Yesterday we did a fat lot of nothing. Well not complete nothing. We took a tiny walk. I took a nap. Walter lay down for a couple of hours. I dragged myself to the grocery store and made dinner (salmon, rice and left over carrots). Today I feel better. I am going to work for a few hours, home for lunch and to drag Walter out on another tiny walk before I go to a doctor appointment and then the gym to see how much pain I can inflict on myself. (I know if it hurts, stop and come home.) Another exciting day here. No pathology report yet either.

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