Thursday, April 28, 2011

Call me Chronic

Chronic noncommunicable diseases are the biggest killer worldwide. Chronic is defined as cancer, diabetes and heart disease. This presents an interesting challenge. There are some genetic causes of these but the majority are caused by lifestyle.

I do like this article because it considers cancer a chronic condition - meaning it won't go away but it won't necessarily kill you. Its not a terminal disease. I don't like this article because they say it is a lifestyle disease. Um, I followed the rules most than a lot of other people and ended up with the disease twice. And I have blood pressure/pulse issues right now as a side effect of one of my cancers.

Now there is a lot to be said that the sedentary, alcohol-filled, tobacco-filled lifestyle, can contribute to diabetes, heart disease and cancers but these diseases still affect the marathon runners among us.

Also, it implies we don't have a cure for these so while they may not kill you off, once diagnosed you get to keep them for life (just think of them as gifts that keep on giving).

I admit yesterday I was somewhat lazy but I have an excuse in that PT made my knee hurt so I didn't get to go for a walk. Today I expect to go to the gym and then for a walk (and then to get my hair cut so I can look good while I feel virtuous).

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