Saturday, April 9, 2011

When doctors don't listen

About a month ago, I complained about Dr B who blamed me for my high blood pressure. He has been collecting cases of high blood pressure for his entire career, only found 11, and blamed me for my high blood pressure. The only test he did was to take my blood pressure. I am not sure he even read my chart.

I found out a few days later that my thyroid levels were messed up and could contribute to high blood pressure as well. Hypothyroidism can cause the bottom blood pressure number to go up. Hyperthyroidism can cause the top blood pressure number to go up. Then my next blood tests showed my thyroid levels in the normal range. So that theory was put to rest. But I did gloat a tiny bit.

Well, I have found out all sorts of things in the past few days about how badly he listened.

First I found out that he filed two reports in my medical record - one was for another patient who had come to see him about a rash. So when he typed up his notes in the electronic medical system he couldn't even get that part right.

Then I went to the follow up appointment he arranged for me with a blood pressure specialist yesterday. I learned a few things in addition:

- My thyroid levels are up and down and up and down and require monitoring and be stabilized. A longer term project but can definitely affect my blood pressure as I noted above.
- Two of my medications should not be taken together and can affect my blood pressure as well. One is a back pain medication that is working very well. The other is an antidepressant that my doctor had consulted some one else about before putting me back on it with my back pain medication.

So the plan is to meet with my psychologist this week and straighten out my anti depressant. I don't care what she says that in her opinion they can be taken together. I don't want to take something that could have a major interaction with my back pain medication.

Next I will continue my monthly blood tests to get my thyroid levels straightened out. I see my endocrinologist in July and if the monthly tests are continued by then we'll have more data.

In the meantime, I am gloating about Dr. B with the ego who blamed me and missed the opportunity to 'collect' another patient with a secondary cause of high blood pressure. Maybe that's why he doesn't have very many.

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Woman's Personal Health said...

You've got to watch your own back all the time. Just because they are a doctor or health "professional" doesn't mean they are always right. Great observations and way to stick up for yourself!

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