Sunday, April 10, 2011

I am confused about risk reduction

Here's another article about increasing cancer risk and another here. And that's before breakfast. I bet I could find hundreds of articles this morning about how to increase or decrease cancer risk. Call me confused. Or then let's even think about other ailments - alzheimers, MS, ALS, heart attack, stroke, etc.

The life time cancer risk for a man is 1 out of 2 and for a woman 1 out of 3. So if you reduce your risk on one side with good behaviors and then increase your risk with bad behaviors, is there anything you can do to really change your risk? And we all know we are all going to die some day (not to be morbid but that's a fact). So we aren't really reducing our risk, we are just attempting to live longer

I think I have given up on this risk reduction idea. Because they keep changing the rules. I eat my vegetables. I get exercise. I get plenty of sleep. Don't use salt. Blah, blah, blah. But I still feel like my body is just falling apart. I think I have more ailments than the average 80 year old.

So what is this risk business? I do the right things and fall apart. I work with someone who smokes, lives on Pepsi, goldfish crackers for breakfast, with candy and junk food mixed in. She is healthier than me and 10 years older. I work with a bunch of sixty year olds who are healthier than me.

So maybe I'll eat bacon for breakfast and forget about risk today. But I will go for a walk later.

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