Sunday, April 24, 2011

My annual medical hell day

In a few weeks, I will have a 'wonderful' day. It starts at 8am with the back pain doctor, followed by a mammogram, bone density scan, annual physical, annual surgeon follow up, and something else I can't remember. And my primary care will probably send me back down to diagnostic radiology for a chest x-ray and for some blood work. On that day, I will probably get to get in and of a hospital gown at least 5 times. Maybe I should just show up in my pjs and a bathrobe and stay in them all day. How many follow up appointments will all those generate as well? I think I spend my life going to doctor appointments.

Later today I have an MRI on my knee. Apparently if you need an MRI, the best time to go is on a holiday because no one wants to have an appointment then. I did ask if I wore clothes with no metal did I have to get changed into their metal free clothing and they said I would still have to change. Darn.

I think hospitals could save a lot of money if people could just show up in their PJs and not have to have all those gowns washed all the time. Think of this as a whole new fashion line, medical gowns that you can wear to and from the hospital. The problem would be that some doctors want the gown to open in the front and others want it to open in the back - depending on which part of your body they want to examine.

In the meantime I have homework, I have to prepare my lists of questions for all these doctors and print out multiple copies of my current medications so everyone can get their copy. I shall also summon up my inner three year old and ignore the fact that my hell day is looming.

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nancyspoint said...

Caroline, Hope this all went ok. I love your idea about wearing our pajamas to this stuff!

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