Monday, April 4, 2011

Calorie Counts

There are two kinds of people out there - those who read the calorie counts and those who don't. The government is stepping in and trying to convert those who don't into those who do by putting calorie counts everywhere. I am not sure I consider it a good use of government funds but it is an effort to make Americans healthier and thinner thus making less strain on medical costs but that is not the point here.

I guess the problem is that the people who don't read the calorie counts are the ones who need to so some people say why bother. But the problem with calorie counts is the people who don't understand them, don't care. If 800 calories for a cheeseburger doesn't sound like a lot to someone, its irrelevant. And if someone orders a salad but then puts gobs of salad dressing all over it, it defeats the purpose of ordering the healthy item.

I read calorie counts and am constantly appalled by how many calories are in things at restaurants. In many chain restaurants you can order a salad which is over 1000 calories because they added some toasted nuts, tortilla chips, or high calorie dressing. So my healthy intentions are ruined. I also read calorie counts in grocery stories. Who knew that not all ground turkey is the same - you need to read the fat grams too - and get the extra lean package.

I am a calorie reader for life and wouldn't mind seeing the calorie counts in restaurants.

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