Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If you cant cure them, confuse them - a clear conspiracy out there

It is an evil conspiracy to confuse us all. There was another medical study - really? How unusual! I think medical studies are done to confuse people, not to find medical cures. Keep them confused and they will never figure out what they are supposed to do.

Now it turns out calcium may cause a 20% higher risk of heart attacks and strokes for women. So they told us for decades take your calcium, they put it in everything even orange juice, and now they say only take only 1200 mg. And if you have thinning bone issues, you should talk to your doctor about what to do.

I had osteopenia and then upped my dose of calcium per my doctor's instructions and my bones are back to normal. I also have a family history of osteoporosis and being on synthetic thyroid hormones can cause problems in absorbing calcium.

So here we come back to that question of what exactly is increased risk - more likely to have a heart attack or stroke? But what were the odds to begin with? I never understand this part. If you play in traffic you raise your risk of being hit by a bus so is this similar to taking calcium?

So I'll just put this in the category of 'blah, blah, blah' and see what my doctor says when I see her in a few weeks.

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nancyspoint said...

I know what you mean here. It feels like the rules are always changing, doesn't it?

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