Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stem cell research

I am not getting into the politics or the morals of stem cell research here. Those are separate issues. This is not a platform to discuss those.

I am writing about stem cells. I am not any kind of scientist (as anyone who reads this will know) but I find it really cool that stem cells are blank cells and can become any kind of cell in the body. I mean when an egg is fertilized then cells begin to split and divide and eventually (please skip any discussion here of when it becomes a person) turn into a being (we can change the topic here to discuss the embryonic growth of a mouse if needed). Also, embryonic stem cells are only one kind of stem cells, there are others apparently. I learned this little factoid somewhere along the way.

But back to my original topic stem cells are blank slates. They are cool and if using them in research can help find cures for cancer and all sorts of other medical nastiness, then great, keep using them in research. Take the point of view of someone who's life is spent dealing with cancer, I wouldn't mind a cure.

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nancyspoint said...

Yes, let's tap futher into their potential! Also, I was wondering if you are on Facebook?

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