Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm gloating - he was wrong

To the pompous Dr. B with the inflated ego syndrome, who has has been 'collecting' cases of high blood pressure in patients for 30 years and blamed me for my high blood pressure, I am very pleased to say YOU WERE WRONG! I didn't even go to medical school and I think I figured this one out.

My thyroid levels are always monitored - since I don't have one. I have had some ups and downs over the years. My doses of thyroid hormone are adjusted at times. I had blood work done on February 18 while waiting for my husband to get through his colonoscopy. It was actually done three weeks early. I hadn't realized they were checking my thyroid levels I thought it was just blood work for my oncologist's office.

Yesterday in the mail, I got a note from my endocrinologist regarding my blood work. One of levels has been at the bottom end of normal which is 0-4.5 but now all of a sudden it is 4.3 at the top end of normal. While it is still in the normal range, the size of this change is significant in itself. And one of the key results of changing thyroid levels is high blood pressure! It especially affects the bottom number of your BP which is what has been so high for me. It can also cause fatigue, sleep problems, and inability to lose weight.

So, I think I have solved this problem. I will call my endocrinologist on Monday and talk to her about my blood pressure, thyroid levels, and other issues. Then I would love to call Dr. Pompous and tell him he was wrong. But that would be gloating and I would probably only get his office staff anyway. I think my blood pressure is lower already.

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Anonymous said...

You SHOULD tell this doctor so he learns some medical information that obviously he is missing.....or does he just believe that one size fits all?? What a poor physician who did not bother to look at the whole person.....

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