Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where am I, what am I doing, how am I feeling?

Its time to break from the analysis of news and other random thoughts and talk about me again. I am approaching the season of 'all the check ups' again. I am just ignoring them - as my inner three year old handles it the best if I do. I have lots of doctor appointments in the next month or so.

I will see my radiation oncologist for a check up - she is actually very nice and is quick to recommend tests or other follow ups. She is Russian and shows up for her appointments in a white medical jacket over a funky outfit with outrageous shoes - usually high heels.

I will see the knee surgeon to find out what damage I inflicted on my formerly good knee while falling this winter. It only hurts when it gets twisted or I decide to do something complicated like climb stairs.

I will see my new primary care for an annual check up where we can discuss the woeful state of my body and how I feel as healthy as a horse (on its way to the glue factory at times). We can talk high blood pressure, headaches, fatigue, chemobrain, back pain, exercise, and more.

I will see my back pain doctor to talk pain and how I have been exercising at a gym and my new meds seem to be helping but standing around ever or walking on the beach have become very difficult.

I will see my therapist and meds therapist to make sure my sanity is still here. I will have a mammogram, bone scan, more blood work, and probably some knee bending tests. Otherwise, I am normal.

Otherwise, I am doing fine. Work is keeping me busy but not too busy. I recently enacted the self rule of no work on weekends or evenings unless mandatory. I get to the gym three times a week and have started going for walks again since the ice age has melted away.

We might even get away for a few days to enjoy some spring time. So I guess life is okay these days.


rental elf jakarta said...

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Dee said...

Caroline, I'm sorry about your ongoing problems with pain, etc. But you seem okay otherwise! I'm hoping your check-ups all go well.

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