Monday, March 7, 2011

Doing things that are good for the soul - at a price

Yesterday I finally got to go do one of my favorite things - walk on the beach. It was wonderful. I went barefoot in the sand (even though its March and there were snow drifts). It was what I needed. My husband even went with me - he had said he needed to go into the office but I convinced him to come with me and he enjoyed it as well.

We went right after low tide and were there for just over an hour. There were horses, waves, tide pools, dogs, seagulls, and a few other people taking advantage of the day.

The price was that I can't walk in loose sand. It makes my back hurt. And my hip, and ankle, and knee hurt. I hobbled back to the car. And sat on the couch for the remainder of the day with pain meds (how many episodes of Bones, CSI, or CSI:Miami can one watch in a row without rotting your brain?). But it was worth it. I want to go back today but its raining. Maybe next weekend.


Judie said...

I am suffering from beach envy! Great picture of Walter! Too small a picture of you though...

Charmine said...

Oh I am so glad, I'm sure it was worth it if you felt better the next day. I shouldn't be outside in the cold, because of current chemo...but spring is coming! I need light and sunshine in my life to totally avoid it. I just make sure I am dressed warm, and not to let myself get all sweaty and chilled. I'm sure I will have to pull out my harley and go for a ride before my Onc thinks it's a good time. Remember, Quality not quantity when you are debating on what you should or shouldn't do. Only you truly know the answer!