Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Participatory Medicine

I like this idea. Basically patients are becoming advocates and activists. Pharmaceutical companies are being urged to step up as well. Participatory medicine means we all participate. We ask questions, take notes, share information - we participate as patients, doctors, drug manufacturers, hospitals, etc.

I just signed up at the site - Patientslikeme.com. Unfortunately it is not taking new patients right now because of technical issues but I could sign up to be notified when they start taking new ones. I have been looking for more information on side effects and issues and other experiences with medications as I am on just a few.

Other sites which have areas for people to comment on their experiences with a drug are often very negative. People are much more likely to write in complaints than compliments as a rule. But Patientslikeme.com seems to have a mix of positive and negative and you can see information from a specific patient grouped together. It all makes more sense. And it includes non prescription vitamins and supplements as well as over the counter and prescription ones.

Patients shouldn't be passive, we should be active in dealing with our issues. If something doesn't work, tell your doctor. If you don't like your doctor, find a new one, get a second opinion. Act, don't sit.

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