Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Unsure of my reaction

I read this article if you had or have breast cancer and figure out what you think. Basically it says they know what are the causes of breast cancer - their are the hereditary ones that we can't control - family history, late menopause, or early first period. Nothing can be done to influence these. I have no family history of breast cancer - unless you can count one of my mother's second cousins 30 years ago. I did not start periods young and I didn't go through menopause until chemotherapy did that for me.

Then there are the lifestyle factors - too fat, not enough exercise, too much alcohol, or hormonal therapy. Of these body weight and hormonal therapy have just as much influence if you will get cancer as the hereditary factors. I wasn't fat until I gained weight after cancer and chemo, I used to be relatively active - skating, skiing, walking, snow shoeing, hiking, biking, roller blading, etc.- and I dont really consider myself a heavy drinker. Wine with dinner is about it and sometimes none at all. And now my medication doesn't allow me to drink much at all. I never had any hormonal therapy - so that doesn't apply to me. And if people didn't get fat or take hormonal therapy breast cancer rates would be reduced 30%.

So my first take on the article was 'I am none of the above' and it made me lose any sense of warm fuzzies in that they don't know squat about why we get cancer. They I got mad - are they saying its MY fault that I got it because I was too fat at my usual size 8, I was too lazy, and I must be a lush?

But I slept on it and woke up this morning thinking that:

- They don't know why some people get cancer and others don't.
- Therefore they are trying to push their lack of knowledge on to the patients to say that us cancer people must have done something wrong because they can't figure it out.

My end opinion is to tell them to go away and republish the article when they know what they are talking about and stop trying to make it a guilt trip for those of us who are lving with it.


breast reconstruction surgery Los Angeles said...

I think the causes are yet not determined for sure.Then why have they come out with such an article.There are genetic factors suspected though.

Mary xo said...

Sounds like they needed an extra article to fill space in a publication so they had someone make up some crap.

ron said...

i guess some factors increase the chances of getting cancer, yet you might get it even if you've done nothing "wrong". in the end, it's a crazy game of chance, and that's the really frustrating part in my opinion.

Julie said...

my UCLA experts tell me they really do NOT know - they can say what factors APPEAR to contribute to it and that's how they come up with targeted therapies for hormone-reactive types, but they can't say you got it because of x, y, or z because if they could do that, we'd have a cure. But we don't. So they can't.

eye lift said...

Thanks for sharing your experience with breast cancer. You should take care about some factors of breast cancer.

microdermabrasion said...

I think the reason is not yet identified as sure.Then out why they suspected that article.There Although genetic factors.

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