Thursday, March 3, 2011

Do not change your mind!

I am talking to you medical people out there who take care of us patient people. I know you do all kinds of studies and trials. That's fine. Progress is good. But please do not change your mind and tell me the treatment I had was either wrong or useless. Please work on the delivery here, and tell us that what was done previously was not wrong or useless but the best possible treatment at the time. Progress has allowed the development of improvements. If you tell us patients that that the treatment they received was wrong or useless, we are not happy. It is in fact upsetting. So stop it!

I was diagnosed with tennis elbow in November. I was given a cortisone injection and given a wrist splint, told to rest it and sent for PT/OT. After a few weeks I was sent home with a series of exercises - stretch out the tendon and work up my strength and blood flow to the area by raising and lowering 1lb. weights. (Yes - one pound weights - look at me at the gym with everyone else pumping iron and I am working with one pound weights. Just kick some sand in my face and move on.)

Now its back. Not as bad as it was and I don't call it tennis elbow, but cranky elbow. There is a new study showing that skipping the cortisone injection and rest are actually the new solution. So I wasted some time trying to 'heal'. They suggest eccentric exercises - I'll have to research this one and figure out what I should do. In the meantime I'll keep pumping my 1 lb. iron. But please don't tell me you are wrong again.

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