Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Waiting for the medical magic wand

Still waiting. Yesterday I went back to my stupid ankle doctor (my ankle and I are stupid, not the doctor - I sprained my ankle by thinking I was smart and could look over my shoulder while walking). The last time I saw her six weeks ago she gave me a cortisone injection in my ankle to see if it could help drain some of the fluid left in it when the ligament and tendon tears healed up. It worked for a bit but then my ankle started hurting again. Her response to that was that's about the length of time that an injection will work.

The only thing she can do is if I still have pain in another six months (two years from the original injury) she can go in with a scope and clean it out. I have had enough surgeries thankyouverymuch. So as there is still no medical magic wand to heal me, I am stuck with a swollen painful ankle.... It matches so many other body parts with injuries that decline to heal - the partially torn ACL that decides to act up periodically and can only be cured by big time knee surgery, or the tennis elbow that doesn't like going to the gym and forces me to wear my stupid wrist brace, or my bursitis hips that also would prefer a life of lethargy.

Her parting words to me were to work through the pain and ignore it - the best way to heal it. Can't I just have a magic wand instead? One that works on cancer and all my other ailments too please.

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