Saturday, May 17, 2014

Having fun!!!

I am sorry for not blogging for a few days but I am visiting the town of Saint Peter, MN for a friend's wedding this afternoon.

I flew out from Boston on an uneventful flight (and they didn't lose my luggage) on Thursday. Since then we have been eating and drinking, as well as getting our nails done and other girly stuff. This morning is the big hair adventure where I will hang out and chat - my hair is pretty short these days so it does not need much. Then back here for the wedding itself.

But the big news is that yesterday I met another breast cancer blogger who I only knew online. We were cyber friends but now we met in real life, a rare occurrence in the blogosphere when people come from the four corners of the earth. So yesterday I had a drink with Teresa of the blog Spellbound by our own imperfect lives where she writes about her own breath cancer misadventures.

It is absolutely wonderful to meet other bloggers in real life. Every so often I get this opportunity and I try to grab it.

But it's time to get moving to get on with today's misadventures!! Congratulations A and J (you know who you are!) Best wishes for many years of happiness together.

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