Saturday, May 31, 2014

A day for me.

The last few weeks months of my life have been crazy. Too busy, too tired, too rushed. No time for me, sleep, food, gardening, knitting, seeing friends and all that kind of stuff. Today was about me. I had lots of things I should do - laundry for example, which is sort of happening but it is taking a very long time. There are also things I want to do - catch up with friends. Finally there are things I did do which I greatly enjoyed.

This morning I slept until 9am and felt rested. I find that if I get up earlier I am too tired and really need to sleep until 9 at least a couple days of the week. You say - why don't you go to bed earlier? I say I think 9 pm is a darn good bedtime. So yes sometimes I get around 11-12 hours of sleep (and it makes me a much happier person).

Then I decided I needed some time for me. I went to a whole bunch of yard sales to feed my inner crap shopper. I look them up on Craigs List and make a plan so I am not driving in a hundred different directions.

I ended up buying (are you ready?): a box window fan for $7 - brand new in the box, never used. A queen sized cotton blanket - brand new, original packaging for $5. Ten skeins of yarn for a total of $10 - several are some good quality yarn. Two boxes of cookie cutters that I will use for felting and a roll of fancy ribbon for making fascinators for $2. An entire brown paper bag of assorted lightbulbs for $1.

Then I went to the crafts store and for $8 bought enough to make 6 fascinators in varying shades of purple. Finally, I came home and ate lunch, did some gardening, processed more laundry, and rescued the neighbors dog from our basement (he tried to meet our cat unsuccessfully earlier), looked at more laundry.

Now I am sitting on my completely unmade bed, realizing that is is 245 in the afternoon and I have not gotten together with the friend I wanted to see because I took so much time for myself. But I feel like a better person for having taken time for me.

Before blogging I read a few other blogs and realized two things: Tomorrow is National Cancer Survivors' Day (feel free to join me in not giving a shit about it - for some reason I really don't care this year). And today is exactly seven years from my breast cancer diagnosis. And for some reason I don't really give a crap about it as well.

But I guess I am still here and that is what is really important. Go me!

PS What is a fascinator? Its one of those fancy hats on a headband that the princesses in England wear but are quite fashionable as an accessory for holidays and the Kentucky Derby.


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