Monday, May 12, 2014

Healthline Best Breast Cancer Blogs of 2014

Once again, I am very honored to be included in Healthline's Best Breast Cancer Blogs of 2014. For some reason, this is what they think of me:

"Caroline's Breast Cancer Blog is not just the story of a woman’s battle with cancer and the health complications that accompany treatment. It’s also a running commentary on the ins and outs of an evolving health care industry. But rather than rant about FDA rules, health insurance, and mammogram guidelines, Caroline Ronten brings a reasoned tone to the conversation. She asks the questions many of us also ponder.

Ronten will make you feel for her as she grapples with health problems beyond cancer. But she’ll also make you think about just what fixes are needed to make health care better for everyone."

I didn't know anyone thought that I had a reasoned tone or was reasonable but I am pleased to hear it and very  happy to be included in this list again, as in the past 3 or 4 years (I think).

I was reading through their list of the best cancer blogs and realized that I follow many of them and think they are very good. My blog reading list has grown in recent years as I have added the other blogs on the list to my reading list. I highly recommend following the other 20 blogs on the list as they provide a lot of thoughts and issues and commentary across the full gamut of breast cancer and its surrounding issues.

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