Saturday, May 10, 2014

How to be a bad patient

Doctors (and dentists) have their own pet peeves about patients. Of course, we can't all be the perfect patient but here are the best ways to piss off your local medical office:
  1. Show up late. Its often a medical emergency or patient issue which makes your doctor run late. But you are not helping if you wander in 45 minutes late and your doctor now has to fit you in because your time slot has passed.
  2. You ask unrelated questions to your doctor or their staff. If its not a medical problem, its not their problem.
  3. You lie about taking your medications. If you didn't take your medication for some reason, at least be honest about it. And if you didn't take your medication as directed and didn't get better, its not their fault.
  4. You self diagnose yourself and tell the doctor what you have. Some things are easy - you have a rash for example. You can see it. But don't tell your doctor you have a specific ailment unless it has been diagnosed. That is their job, not yours.
  5. You start asking questions at the end of the appointment after your conversation with them has ended. To help remember, bring a list of questions with you and highlight the most important ones so you cover them.
I didn't make up this list, I found it online. But seriously, its just a lot of common sense. 

I try to not do these things. I admit to be guilty of most of these at times. I am human. But I try not to be a bad patient. I have enough ailments so I usually am not a quick visit for them.

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