Sunday, May 25, 2014

Taking all the fun out.

Cancer has a way of taking all the fun out of life. They cut you up, they poison you, they burn you, and through all that they make you feel like crap. You are tired, trying not to throw up, weak, have the blahs, want to sleep and more. Then you finally start to feel better after treatment and want to return to a normal life.

Then they say don't drink because it can help increase your rate of recurrence. This is along with the advice of not to get fat because that can do the same thing...

It takes all the fun out of everything - don't get fat, don't drink, but you are fine. Big raspberry to that news!!!

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Nicole Don said...

Look at these recent studies - you can drink after breast cancer! (In moderation, of course!)


You may know I live outside Boston, MA. We had two 'little' snow storms in a row. The news is that we lost power from 10pm Wednesday...