Sunday, June 1, 2014

Risk factors????

Now what the hell am I supposed to do? Look at the length of this list of risk factors for breast cancer!!!!!!!!!

These are the established risks: Being female, age, family history, genetics, personal history of breast cancer,  radiation to chest/face before age 30, certain breast changes, race/ethnicity, being overweight, pregnancy history, breast feeding, menstrual history, using HRT, drinking alcohol, having dense breasts, lack of exercise, and smoking.

Then there are the emerging risks that they are just starting to realize their importance.... (Or but wait, there's more!): Low Vitamin D Levels, Light Exposure at Night, DES (Diethylstilbestrol) Exposure, Eating Unhealthy Food, Exposure to Chemicals in Cosmetics, Exposure to Chemicals in Food, Exposure to Chemicals for Lawns and Gardens, Exposure to Chemicals in Plastic, Exposure to Chemicals in Sunscreen, Exposure to Chemicals in Water, and/or Exposure to Chemicals When Food Is Grilled/Prepared. 

How the hell am I supposed to avoid them? That's it. I am moving to live under a rock!


anotheronewiththecancer said...

Yeah, I've thought this too--just live under a rock. And maybe just have some water and eat some lettuce. It's like just existing is a risk factor.
I'm groaning, but chuckling! :)

-lisa said...

No! No under a rock - radon!

I know, it's crazy. Probably the #1 risk factor for most diseases is being alive.

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