Friday, June 6, 2014

Social visiting and doctor appointments

I have spent a few hours twice this week at the hospital taking other people to doctor appointments which means I was not by myself while I was there. I was there as the designated driver/note taker. These days I go to my doctor appointments by myself again. I went alone for years and then with the second cancer diagnosis with lots of bad news my husband went with me. He also went with me for chemo infusions and for any medical (mis)adventures where I was not able to drive home.Otherwise, I fly solo.

Yesterday afternoon I started noticing groups of people who seem to accompany patients to their appointments. I can understand bring one family member or friend in case of icky news or because of sedation or something. But I can't understand bringing multiple friends, family members, or children.

I was sitting in the x-ray waiting area sitting next to a woman who was watching a tv show on her tablet (without headphones) who was sitting next to a man (husband?) while they waited for another person. There were also several people drinking the prep for one of those 'fun' tests which takes a good hour or two. I think there were at least three patients in that group who had more than one person with them.

The chemo infusion areas are clearly marked that only one person can accompany each patient in the infusion rooms. The patient exam rooms are just big enough for a patient, a medical professional and one other person. There isn't room for another chair.

When is it a social visit to hang out in the hospital waiting room? The hospital is never a 'fun' visiting place. Even the in patient rooms are not fun places to visit. I just don't understand the urge to travel in groups to the hospital. I prefer to avoid the place myself as much as possible.

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